1. Perfect eDiT

  2. about this shit

  3. Top Image: Jeremy Cloutier gap to back lip in Quebec City, Canada.

    Bottom Image: Jeremy Cloutier 50-50 backside 180 redirect Montreal, Canada. 

  4. Hands down the best bit of snowboarding to be dropped all month. 

  7. Merin knows how to do it right. Not only did they help put on the Holy Bowly but their team was entertaining to watch. 

  8. Top Image: Ryan Tarbell boardslide pretzel 270 into the fence during a 686 trip to Minnesota.  

    Bottom Image: Ryan Tarbell switch ollie during the same 686 trip to Minnesota.

    Big Bear local legend Ryan Tarbell has been well known throughout California for quite some time now. This winter the goofy footed jibber traveled from the sunshine state to the negative temperatures of Minnesota to prove his rail riding ability. While using the Hilton Hotel in beautiful downtown Minneapolis as his crash pad, Ryan and the rest of the SFK crew including Lucas Magoon, Ian Sams, Will Bateman, and filmer Mark Reznikov puffed their way through the city to find some new spots and hit a few classic too. Check out all the video clips from the trip in this edit by Mark Reznikov http://snowboarding.transworld.net/videos/ryan-tarbell-minnesota-edit/

  9. Frank Bourgeois switch tail blunt pop over to backlip in Quebec City, Canada while filming for his Stairs Masters part which you can view by clicking on the following link http://snowboarding.transworld.net/videos/frank-bourgeois-2014-stairs-masters-full-part/

  10. @yoderyoder @alexsaburolopez and @messymessi about to drop out of #corbetscave on their @gentemstick. (at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort)

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